Our classes are separated by age, gender & skill level. We offer a Recreational and a Competitive track to help each child reach their gymnastics goals!

Multi-Class and Multi-Student Discounts!

daytime classes

We offer daytime Pre-School classes for ages 15mos-5yrs, Homeschool classes for ages 6+!

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Pre-school: shooting stars & super stars

The pre-gymnastics classes are for ages 15mos-3yrs (Shooting Stars) and 3yrs-5yrs (Super Stars) boys and girls. Class learning goals include listening and following instructions from the coach, taking turns, and safety in the gym. This class is designed to introduce young children to gymnastics and the class setting.

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Beginner / intermediate boys Recreational

Boys all start in the fun and interactive Beginner Rec Boys class! They will become acquainted with all six Men's Olympic Events: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Bar. They will develop strength and dedication, and after evaluation, may be moved into the Intermediate Rec Boys class.

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beginner Recreational girls

The majority of our girls begin in the Beginner Rec Girls classes, unless they have had prior USAG gymnastics training. In this class, novice gymnasts learn the basics of all four Olympic events: the Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Floor Excercise, and the Vault.


Beginner Rec students are also divided into age groups. In order to advance to the next level, Intermediate Rec, students must acquire a set of outlined skills on each event. Level progression testing occurs every month.

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Intermediate Recreational Girls

Intermediate Rec builds on learned skills and introduces more advanced skills. This class will involve more strength and skill conditioning, with focus on body positioning.

The Intermediate Rec training will provide athletes with the strength, flexibility, and skills to succeed and move on to more advanced skills.

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Advanced recreational Girls

Advanced Rec is for girls who are practicing to attain higher level skills. Competition is not necessary, however girls in this class may participate in yearly try-outs for the Xcel and USAG Competitive teams.

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High School prep 

For the kids who are preparing for or in the off season of High School Gymnastics season. This class adjusts to your skill level. Ages 12 +. 

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Developmental team Program

The Developmental Program is a pre-team training program for students who show promise in future USAG competition. Students are placed into this program by invitation only.

Please contact us for an evaluation.

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Competitive Team gymnastics

We offer two Competitive Team tracks: Xcel and USAG

Girls train and compete Compulsory and Optional routines starting at Level 3 through Level 10 for USAG, and Silver through Diamond for Xcel. 

All Teams are invite only. Please contact us for an evaluation.

USAG/Xcel/Team/Leotard/Meet fees are not included in the tuition cost. USA Gymnastics fees and meet fees can vary.

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