Recreational Coaches


Coach Angela

Angela has coached for over 9 years and coaches Beginners, Intermediate, & Advanced Girls. When asked why she enjoys coaching, she replied "I enjoy working with kids, and work to accomplish their goals - pushing them to succeed both inside and outside the gym!" She is also a UIC graduate, cheered in college, and works with dogs during the day.


Coach UB

UB has coached gymnastics for 6 years and was a state qualifying gymnast back in high school. His love for the sport is a great motivating factor for him and he enjoys learning more about it while coaching new athletes everyday. He is qualified to teach XCEL Team, all classes below Level 7, boys’ classes and is USAG certified.


Coach Tina

Coach Tina has coached gymnastics for 7 years and coaches XCEL team and any girls’ recreational class. Tina graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors in Parks, Recreation & Tourism with an emphasis in Sport Management. She enjoys coaching because she enjoys learning more about coaching every day and helping young athletes achieve their goals.

Coach Alexis

Coach Alexis was a gymnast for AAG since she was 6 years old and begun coaching last year. She coaches Beginner Girls every week. She enjoys coaching because she loves to see the kids learn new tricks and to see them smile everyday when they come to practice.


Coach Jen

Jen started coaching at AAG last year and leads Beginner Girls and NinjaZone classes. She enjoys helping children gain self-confidence and helping them reach their goals. You may see her at the front desk on some days when she is not coaching.


Coach Lauren

Lauren was a cheerleader for 13 years and has tumbled basically her whole life. She leads many of our NinjaZone classes, beginners gymnastics, and tumbling classes. When asked why she loves coaching she replied that she loves to see the kids progress in the sport.


Coach Carlos

Carlos currently leads all levels of our boys’ gymnastics classes in addition to some NinjaZone classes. Fun fact about him is that he stays active by tumbling often and is a motivational content creator.


Coach Nate

Nate has coached the sport for over 10 years because he enjoys helping kids improve and build their confidence. He is qualified to coach any class we have, but works mostly with boys’ recreational classes and the team levels. He is an ACE certified personal trainer, is Cooper Institute Law Enforcement Fitness certified and is AHA CPR/AED certified (2017). Nate also has a history performing in circus arts.


Coach Esther

Esther was a gymnast at AAG for 10 years and grew into a coaching role. She has coached for three years and regularly leads Beginners, Intermediate, and tumbling classes. When asked why she enjoys coaching, she said she loves being around the sport and that she loves working with kids that want to work hard so they can improve.