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Dress Code

A very important part in dance education is having the appropriate attire to be able to move properly and for the teacher to be able to see your positioning without obstruction. Last season, we had some difficulties with students meeting the Dress Code guidelines which both interrupted the learning of the particular students and their classmates due to various distractions related to clothing/shoes.


This year, we have created Dance Attire Packages that include everything your child needs to have a successful year in dance, including appropriate tights, shoes, tutu dresses, skirts, shorts, and leotards. There is a package tailored to each class, and order forms will be filled out at registration. We will also be fitting the dancers for their leotards/shoes to make sure everything fits appropriately. You will save 20% off by purchasing the tailored packages rather than individual items. Individual items will still be available for purchase throughout the year if needed.